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Building a Playground for Web 3 Communities


Team AO 

We are committed to building an ever-evolving platform 

made and loved by the community 

Team AO is building a community owned, open-sourced network where communities across DeFi, NFT, DAOs, and guilds meet Web 3 tools through games – called Spacebar. 

Our mission is to lay the groundwork to build a playground where Web 3 communities can collaborate, create, compete, and be themselves. In the playground, communities and their members will be creating a chain of values, which in return they would capture a portion of the created value which will exponentially grow over time. The playground will become a means itself and take part in the process of a never-ending cycle of creation and composability.

Project Spacebar

Building a community-owned, ever-evolving modular game 

Sense of Fun

Spacebar is simply… “fun”! “Fun” can mean a bunch of different things – the platform will capture the diversity of what users find ‘fun’ is, and will evolve over time. Both blockchain and the game exist as tools for the fun of the community.


The game is to be designed in a way where users are able to express many different facets of their identities. Users are empowered to create their own identity, regardless of their identity in the physical world.


We believe our game is a giant experiment where communities will be empowered to try out social and economic hypotheses in their own ways. It is okay not to make the best decisions all the time as long as you learn from it.


Spacebar will empower users to build the core elements of the game from game items to the theme/concept of the next game play. Team AO will strive to provide the best community experience as possible through boundless collaboration with our users.

Beat 4 You

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